Dairy/Powder Milk

Adams Cheddar Cheese 200g


Adam’s promises to give you natural cheese without any additives and artificial flavors. This 200 g pack of Adam’s Cheddar Cheese is handy yet ample enough to provide you with the cheesy goodness your taste buds require and give your body its essential nutrients.

Adams Mozzarella Cheese 200g


Adams Mozzarella Cheese 200g

Almarai Milk Full Fat 1Ltrs


Almarai Fresh Milk Regular, Full Fat, 1Ltr

Almarai understands the importance you place on only giving your family premium quality dairy products. That’s why we set the highest standards possible to put great tasting milk on your table every day. Nurture your family’s health and vitality by making Almarai Fresh Milk part of your daily routine. After all, milk is one of nature’s healthiest, most wholesome foods.